IP69K Stainless Steel Hygienic TV Enclosure

Size: 55
Rating: NEMA 4X - Standard
Sale price$8,215.00


  • The 316 stainless-steel enclosure is inherently corrosion resistant and antibacterial. 
  • Choose from 3 product sizes 55”, 65” & 75”
  • Carries both a UL and CE rating
  • Safely and hygienically install a screen in heavy washdown environments. The IP69K enclosure protects an LCD/LED screen from high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning.
  • Maintain the highest sanitation standards while improving productivity with KPI screens on your shop floor. Ideal for food and beverage processing, chemical manufacturing, and other hygienic industries.
  • The enclosure has a slim design, at 7.2” deep, and multiple mounting options. Choose from ceiling or wall mounting, and flat or tilted wall brackets, to position the unit in the optimum location above your production line.
  • Environmental control includes a range of interior components, such as a microprocessor controller board, fans, and heaters. These work together to maintain the most cost-efficient and ‘green’ operating temperature for your display.
  • The controller board is an innovative feature found on all enclosures, managing the on-off commands for airflow and environmental control.

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