Hygienic IP69K Push Button Sensors

Switch Function: Static (Signal Duration=Touch)
Switching Output: NPN-NC
Symbol: Start
Sale price$177.00


Above options are a small sample of the offerings available. Customer can configure the sensor themselves (free software, no purchase necessary) or Amp Authority will pre-program to customer specifications. Please contact us with any questions.

These Hygienic sensors comply with FDA and EU requirements on materials and is certified according to EHEDG Design Guidelines (Doc. 8 - Hygienic Design Principles, Third Edition)

Made of high-quality stainless steel with their hygienic, rounded design and feature a special food-grade seal that prevents cleaning agents, food waste, and viruses from seeping through and accumulating. 

The edgeless design allows for easy cleaning of the work area. While being resistant to a number of cleaning chemicals, the gasket prevents any invasion of water or solutions into the electrical components of the switch and machinery. The materials used are resistant and inert to the product, detergents, and disinfectants.

  • Suitable for a hygienic environment
  • Simple assembly and M12 Connector
  • Easy-to-clean; edgeless button surface
  • Fully electronic button without moving parts
  • Hygienic cleaning to meet industry standards
  • IP69K

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