3-A Hygienic Star Knob Door Handle


Size: M5
Sale price$35.00


Amp Authority's 3-A Hygienic Star Knob Door Handles are made from AISI304 stainless steel specifically for use in hygienic areas. The handle features an FDA Grade Blue Silicone Gaskets which prevent ingress and ensure consistent operation. 

These handles come with a tapped hole and various sizes to fit your application environment.


  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • High-gloss polished and self-draining surface 
  • FDA Blue Silicone Gasket prevents a metal-to-metal connection
  • 3-A accepted
  • Polished finish (Ra < 0.8 µm)


  • Custom sizes possible
  • UNC Tapped Holes
  • AISI 316L


Size Stem Length (H1) Knob Diamater (D) Total Height (H) Regulation (SW)
M5x0,8 15,00 27 20,00 HEX 24
M6x1 20,00 33 24,00 HEX 30
M8x1,25 20,00 40 28,00 HEX 36
M10x1,5 25,00 50 30,00 HEX 46
M12x1,75 25,00 65 40,00 HEX 60

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3-A Hygienic Star Knob Door Handle
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