Hygienic Wall Spacers - Push Button / Junction Boxes


Mounting: Standard Mounting
Number of Spacers: 2 - Push Button Boxes
Spacer Length: 1.25 inch
Sale price$36.72


If you need to mount your junction box or push-button units with a standoff but are worried about maintaining Hygienic Design, our innovative new Hygienic Wall Spacers are a perfect solution.

Our Hygienic 1" Wall Spacers are what you're looking for. Each standoff threads onto the back of the enclosure for easy installation - no tools required!

Each kit comes with:

(2) spacers

(4) 3-A FDA Compliant Blue Silicone Gaskets

(2) 3-A FDA Compliant Hygienic Hex Head Bolts

For applications where access behind the equipment or wall is restricted, our optional T Wall Mount kit includes a T-bracket. If you want to weld directly to the equipment, simply remove one of the 3-A FDA Compliant Blue Silicone Gaskets.




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