Hygienic Bearing Houses - 2 Hole


Shaft Size (mm): 20
Mounting: Frame Mounted
End Cap Style: Open
Sale price$200.00


In the challenging food and beverage industry, where stringent cleanliness standards and bacterial control are paramount, finding reliable bearing solutions is crucial. Amp Authority presents a comprehensive range of stainless steel bearing houses meticulously crafted to excel in these demanding environments. These products are specially designed to tackle the rigorous cleaning routines necessitated by frequent exposure to pressure washdowns with caustic cleaning agents.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Unrivaled Durability: 316 SS bearing houses are built to thrive in the most demanding conditions. The houses are double-sealed with O-rings and hygienic seals, ensuring exceptional protection against contaminants and bacterial spread.

  • Resistance to Frequent Washdowns: Engineered to withstand regular washdowns, making them a reliable choice for environments that demand frequent cleaning.

  • Revolutionary Maintenance Solutions: Say goodbye to traditional maintenance challenges. These bearing houses address problems associated with contamination and maintenance, actively eliminating traps that harbor contaminants and reducing bacterial proliferation.

  • Hygienic Design: The stainless steel hygienic surface design is a proactive measure against contaminant traps and bacterial growth. Compliant with EHEDGE hygienic guidelines, the houses feature blue optical and detectable hygienic seals along with a stainless steel housing.

  • Smart Housing Design: The bearing housing is thoughtfully engineered to prevent the accumulation of debris and bacteria. Sharp corners are eliminated, and all surfaces are angled to prevent pooling, ensuring easy cleanability and efficient drainage.

  • Enhanced Protection: The endcover comes with an O-ring and hygienic seal, offering maximum protection against contaminants. A back seal adds an extra layer of defense, safeguarding the bearing house from shaft-side contamination.

  • Food-Grade Lubrication: All houses are pre-lubricated with NSF-approved food-grade grease, meeting the highest standards for safety and quality. This grease is NSF-registered as a category H1 grease.

  • Versatile Configuration: With optional spacers, the standard bearing housing effortlessly transforms into "standoff" houses, providing versatile solutions for various setups.

Amp Authority Hygienic Design Stainless Steel Bearing Houses are meticulously designed to meet the challenges of the food and beverage industry head-on. These houses not only offer exceptional performance but also simplify maintenance and enhance overall efficiency. Experience the difference in reliability, durability, and hygiene with Amp Authority's cutting-edge bearing solutions.

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