Woodhead Launches ArcArrest To Compete With Meltric Plugs

meltric plugs vs woodhead plugs

This summer, Molex (better known as Woodhead) quietly launched the first true switch rated competition to Meltric plugs and connectors. In fact, it was so quiet that we missed it until now! In today’s post, we’ll cover why this matters and what you should expect from the new ArcArrest line of plugs and connectors.

Woodhead ArcArrest Connector System – Product Information

Pictures are always better than words. Here’s the product video that Molex published this summer:

Also, here are the features and benefits straight from the Molex specification sheets:

• UL 2682 switch rating, 600V voltage
(max), 30A current (max)
• Secure contacts with silver-nickel tips
welded to copper contact bases
• Automatic sealing when connected
• Closed receptacle lid and plug achieve
sealing when disengaged
• NEMA 4X and IP69K-rated to protect
against ingress of dust and water
• Laser labeling for clean and
permanent record


• Robust protection from electrical energy
• Reduced resources for LO/TO
• Enhanced cleanability and durability in
harsh environments
• Faster maintenance and equipment
• Improved production uptime and
• UL testing assures a minimum of
6,000 cycles

Why This Matters

As we mentioned earlier, this is the first direct competitor to Meltric plugs and connectors in the switch rated wiring device market. As we know from previous posts, most pin and sleeve devices conform to the UL 1682 standard. However, Meltric has always categorized themselves under both that standard as well as UL 2682 as you can see here from their product literature:

meltric plugs UL 2682

Now, Woodhead can offer a direct cross to this and potentially take market share from Meltric.


Is Meltric In Trouble?

Yes and no. As you can tell, Molex/Woodhead announced the product for 30A plugs and connectors only. This essentially equates to “dipping their toes in the water” instead of creating an entire product line around this. It’s also partial validation that Meltric has gained and retained enough market share for others in the North American market to worry. So, Meltric plugs and receptacles are likely still the standard and may not be challenged due to the depth of their product offering. However, with Hubbell launching a switch rated pin and sleeve product and Woodhead launching a direct UL 2686 product they are definitely being put on notice.

Wrapping It Up

Molex/Woodhead just announced a major product in the wiring device market for North America. How will this impact Meltric? Share your thoughts and comments below!