Pin and Sleeve Connectors Market Update: PDI Joins Amazon

pin and sleeve connectors - PDI scame amazon page

Months ago, we discussed how Amazon Business Prime will impact the industrial electrical market. We’ve also covered the variability of pricing across different platforms online even for the same product by the same manufacturer. Today, we learned that there has been a new entrant to the Amazon Business Prime market that may impact pin and sleeve connectors.

PDI At A Glance

Power Dynamics, Inc. (PDI for short) has recently joined Amazon as a certified seller. Traditionally, PDI has stayed away from online markets and works more through manufacturer’s representatives and the traditional electrical distribution network.


What PDI Carries – Pin and Sleeve Connectors Line

PDI does not manufacture their own pin and sleeve connectors. They have carried the Scame product line for many years. If you are unfamiliar with Scame, you need to check out our pin and sleeve guide here. However, to save you some time here’s the rundown on Scame:


scame pin and sleeve

Company Overview

Scame is an Italian company that specialized in wiring devices. They are a private company and were founded in 1963. Scame’s primary product lines are pin and sleeve wiring devices.

Product Offering

Scame manufactures pin and sleeve products to the IEC 60309 standard and entered the North American market a few years ago in an indirect way. Traditionally, a company has to go through distribution to gain a foothold. However, Scame largely used an online approach and partnered with ElecDirect to allow their products to be purchased online. Also, they have not gone through the trouble of getting their products UL Listed (only UL Classified – here’s the difference). However, they do offer a full product line from 16A to 125A and are IP 67 rated. We have heard that some customers are fine without a UL Listed product and this is a cheaper, easy to buy alternative to buying Hubbell through traditional distribution. It will be interesting to see if Scame gains traction in the US.

scame pin and sleeve

Link To Catalog


Amazon Business Prime Offering

As you can see here, PDI has essentially launched an online store through Amazon for their Scame pin and sleeve connectors (and plugs, receptacles, etc.):

pin and sleeve connectors - PDI scame amazon page

They are offering 30A-125A and have a clear intention to undercut the current market by price:

pin and sleeve connectors - 460C9W Amazon


Why This Matters

By our account, this is the first true attempt to undercut the Amazon marketplace by cost. Will other manufacturers respond to this? Will it start a price war and ultimately drive down costs? This would start to signal that Amazon is making inroads to achieve their goals with Amazon Business Prime.

It’s also particularly interesting because Scame was previously sold their pin and sleeve connectors through a seemingly exclusive online relationship with This signals a shift in strategy from Scame and shows they are actively looking to gain market share in the US and plan to do so through E-Commerce.

However, Electdirect still has better pricing than PDI…and it’s not even close. Here’s what a similar 460C7W sells for on their website:

460C7W elect direct pin and sleeve connectors

Wrapping It Up – Final Thoughts

This is an inflection point in the e-commerce world as it relates to pin and sleeve connectors. We believe it is also representative of a larger dynamic occurring now in the industrial electrical market. It will be fascinating to watch as this develops and we will be here to cover it for you!


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