About Us

Our Mission Statement

Amp Authority is an industry publication focused on providing content for industrial electrical professionals and electrical product enthusiasts. Our primary focus is decoding complex electrical concepts and markets as well as aggregating meaningful data to aid decision making.


Who We Are

We are industry professionals ourselves and created this site because we found that there’s a lack of authenticity for the type of content we aim to create. Everything in our space is marketing material from the large companies that dominate the space or educational material. It doesn’t have to be that way and we plan to change it.


What We Are Passionate About

We hold a particular affinity for industrial electrical products. We’ve worked with industrial wiring devices such as pin and sleeve or control equipment such as local motor disconnect switches for years. Some of our content will focus on that. However, we also share a more general passion for the industrial electrical industry. This includes distributors, electrical contractors, end users, engineering firms, design build firms, and everything in between. If we think we can add a unique perspective, we aren’t afraid to tackle it.


Our Promise

Nothing is off limits. The only thing we guarantee is that you’ll get real insight from real people with no agenda. That doesn’t mean we’ll be perfect or always get it right. Sometimes, that may be a spelling error or a grammatical mistake. However, in the wise words of a wise man…

Some say risk nothing, try only for the sure thing,
Others say nothing gambled nothing gained,
Go all out for your dream.
Life can be lived either way, but for me,
I’d rather try and fail, than never try at all, you see.


Thanks for your patronage and enjoy!