10 Great Rotary Disconnect Switch Videos

local rotary motor disconnect switch

We’ve covered different types of disconnect switches before (check out our old post here). In this post, we have scoured the web to find 10 great videos. These will help to explain various aspects of a (mostly) UL 508 rotary disconnect switch.

#10: Explanation of a 3 Phase Rotary Disconnect


While this is a knife-blade style and not a rotary disconnect switch, we feel this is worth including because it is a nice overview of the “guts” of a disconnect switch. Note the fusing included.

#9: Hubbell Standard Non-Metallic Rotary Disconnect Switch Overview

Yes, this is marketing material. However, it does provide a nice overview of a rotary disconnect switch in the context of a motor control circuit. This is important to understand what the switch is actually controlling. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s the market leader, Hubbell’s, marketing material.


#8: Mennekes Rotary Disconnect Switch Overview

Galco does a really nice job with videos. This is no exception. Seeing the guts of a non-metallic disconnect switch is really helpful. In particular, look at the auxiliary contacts, the seamless gasket which provides a NEMA 4X rating, and the lockout tagout feature.


#7: Checking 3 Phase Motors in a Rotary Disconnect Switch

Troubleshooting is going to be key when dealing with disconnects. This does a nice job of showing how you go about systematically testing and troubleshooting a 3 phase motor in the context of the motor control circuit.


#6: Different Rotary Disconnect Switch Mounting Options

Truthfully, this video is less about the mounting options and more about showing the various components of a UL Listed motor disconnect. You can see how a switch block can be mounted to a handle.


#5: Lockout Tagout on a Rotary Disconnect Switch

Proper maintenance programs will center around safety. The biggest safety feature of a disconnect switch will undoubtedly be the ability to lockout the switch to perform downstream maintenance. Leviton does a nice job showcasing the various ways you can conform to OSHA Lockout Tagout regulations with the switch handle. We do not recommend ever buying a local rotary disconnect switch that doesn’t have lockout capability.


#4: UL98 vs. UL508 Disconnect Switches

This video explains the difference between a UL98 and a UL508 disconnect switch. If this isn’t enough, we’ve covered this in detail before. Check it out!


#3: Difference Between UL508 and UL508A for a Rotary Disconnect Switch

By now, you should know the difference between UL98 and UL508 switches. However, what’s the difference between UL508 and UL508A? In short, UL508A has to do with industrial panel building and combination starters.


#2: Eaton Rotary Disconnect Switch Overview

Class is in session! Again, this is marketing material but it puts together the previous videos and gives it context with a product line offering.

#1: Galco’s Rotary Disconnect Switch Overview

Lastly, we sum it all up with Galco again. Their summary puts a nice bow on everything we learned and would be the one video we’d recommend if you only have time for one!



What are your favorite disconnect switch videos? Send them to us and we’ll include them in our list!